Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i am blogging cos i was forced by mao, xf and do
now they at my house doing "homework"
damn stress now larh
have to hand in 2 projects by next mon sia
this week's work kenna cancelled
so sad
i wanna work!
i miss in house ppl sia
shld i work this sun?
mao, xf and do eating up all my food sia
i wanna go do my econs hw liao

mou ii yo_7:57 AM

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hi everyone!
i wonder if anyone still come to this blog
it is lucky that blogger never delete my blog.
i will be getting my o lvl results 2moro,
wish that i will get good results
and can get into nyjc.
i wasnt very sure wether i wanted to go jc
but after these 2 month with nyjc co
i think going jc is not a bad choice either.
but still have to see results
pray god.

i had brunch buffet at raffles hotel yesterday
as it was my mum's birthday.
the food is soooooo damn good
but also damn ex
but quite worth it larh
to me.

i think i will be making this blog public again
but i will delete those post that i dun wan ppl to see.
P.S: please leave a tag after u see this post
i wanna know who is the first to see my blog
after so long

mou ii yo_6:37 AM

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

i am in the airport now
waiting for the plane
so got time to use the
computer there
i will back in mon evening
so anything just sms me after that

mou ii yo_8:10 PM

Sunday, January 13, 2008

todae went to plaza singapura
todae to watch le grand chef,
it is a korean cooking show
about 2 chefs fighting
for the entiltlement
of a royal chef.
i find the show very nice
the part where the
cow got slaughtered
was very sad as the cow was
like the main actor's sister
itis a show that is
worth it to watch
nth much to say

mou ii yo_5:37 AM

Monday, January 07, 2008

sry yesterdae nite never write
todae is 2nd week of school liao
have to start cca
have to start studying
have to start all kind of things
have to start to prepare for exams
have to start preparing for O levels
the happy holidae has past
the free and easy holidae has past
the free time during the holidae has past
the fun we had during the holidae has past
the amount of stress will increase
the amount of homework will increase
the amount of free time will decrease
the amount of time for playing will decrease
the amount of time for slacking will decrease
the amount of time for sleeping will decrease
the amount of time for shopping will decrease
the amount of time for watching tv will decrease
there is so much of difference in sec 3
u must really work very hard to do well
or u will just fail
thats all i have to say

mou ii yo_4:52 AM

Saturday, January 05, 2008

sry!i forget to blog yesterdae
yesterdae my both lao came my hse
to play and talk,
yan shan kept on saying
that st. nicksnot good
never choose st. nicks, good choice,
then we practiced last
time pcps the co songs,
then yan shan sang all
the other instruments
while i and meli play the erhu,
then ys went so high until she imitate zls,
then we say next time
organise an erhu camp
then can play and practice,
after that we talk to lester and play game,
then they go home liao.
it was a very fun dae lah.
for todae's blog,
i will write tonite

mou ii yo_9:12 PM

Friday, January 04, 2008

back frm camp liao
i took 1n1
overall was fun lah
with all the games
but very tiring.
the difference taking a p5
group and a sec 1 groupis that
in p5 camp,
1 group only got 20 ppl
and 2 facil,
but in sec 1 camp,
1 class got 40 ppl
and 8 psl,
so taking the sec1
class should be easier,
but i feel more tiring
taking a sec 1 class
maybe they more naughty.
fahrenheit album should
be out todae by 6pm,
went i went there around 7
they say that the van is still
on the way as there is
traffic jam due to the rain
and reach around 9 or 2moro,
stupid sia,
is their responbsibility to
organise everything nicely
nth else liao

mou ii yo_5:23 AM


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